The Morning Paper

What is the morning paper now?

Is there even an equivalent?

People who still read it wonder how

Its extinction became so imminent.

Less than fifty years ago, 

There was no direct replacement.

When having our morning cup of joe,

And wanting to consume something in amazement.

A primary source of news and entertainment,

Filled with photos, words, and advertisements.

While it comes in varying shapes and sizes,

Current events, culture, and history it recognizes.

The paper still exists, 

But only for older generations.

Unfortunately for the Zoomers,

It doesn’t live up to their expectations.

Maybe it isn’t only Gen-Z who partakes in this protest…

Millennials, Gen-X, and Boomers

Appear to comprise the rest 

of the international rejection of a previously beloved table guest.

We all know its successor:

A small black box with a black mirror…

Incessantly communicating via its processor.

If anything, it’s more like our possessor.

Also a depressor, oppressor, and stressor,

The small black box wakes us up in the morning

To an endless stream of pressure…

And yet, we still believe the paper is lesser?

What used to cultivate peaceful breakfasts,

And starting the day with reading and checklists…

Has been replaced 

By a new type of crisis.

Is enjoying coffee and food not enough?

Or do we require more stimulation to fill our cups?

Starting the day with distractions and stress

Is certainly not conducive to progress.

Crossword puzzles, comic strips, mazes, and more…

The paper always had a lot in store.

It’s sort of a shame we’ve let novelty supplant

Something we all used to universally adore.

Featured Painting:

Ring, Laurits Andersen. Breakfast with the Morning Newspaper. 1898, Nationalmuseum, Stockholm.