Early 20s: Peaks, Valleys, and Troughs

Peaks, valleys, and troughs:

Three necessary components to quite the kickoff

To one’s early twenties

During a time of many tradeoffs.

From learning about tax write-offs,

To worrying about getting laid off,

And dealing with changing relationships…

Some of which aren’t easy to brush off.

Twenties aren’t all they were cracked up to be

Romanticized in movies,

They are depicted in utter glee.

Mislead: has been the discovery, 

At least for me.

A familiar idiom known as “peaks and valleys”

Does merely an OK job of describing

The rocky nature of being in your twenties;

however, it’s missing something.

A valley is flat;

It is open and situated.

A valley is equipped for combat;

It’s habituated.

Valleys represent contentment;

A time in life when we’re in homeostasis.

They equate to possibility;

An opportunity to feel tenacious.

But a valley is not a trough.

A trough is a low point that’s difficult to shake off.

Essentially, the opposite of having loft,

It’s a place in life where things are just off.

Troughs are a bit neglected.

We only notice them when affected.

No one is perpetually protected

From facing hardship when presented.

What we aren’t told about in our twenties

Is the likelihood of experiencing a frenzy

Of trying not to feel empty

While our schedules are filled aplenty.

I suppose that’s for us to all figure out

Through our hyper-individualistic routes.

I’ll admit, I thought it would be easier,

Without a doubt.

The troughs in our twenties can be deep.

Out of nowhere, they tend to creep.

The road to the bottom can feel very steep…

So much so we can’t help but weep.

Our early 20s are the first test,

The first exposure to real stress;

Initiating the ongoing battle of

Trying not to be depressed.

Everything feels easier said than done.

I thought this time of life would be more fun.

But I know we all can relate… everyone.

That’s why we walk first… so that we can run.

There’s just so much to be grateful for.

Our lives have just begun.

The battle against troughs can be won

With a good mindset and hopefulness;

We can overcome.

After all, no shallow ocean creates big waves.

It’s only through real depth that

Influential tides can be made…

This is a prime example of how ebbing and flowing behaves.

When we look at it that way

We can be grateful for the past troughs 

For helping us continue to keep

Our obstructive qualities and temptations at bay.

The line between peaks, valleys, and troughs

Is much more grey.

There are pros and cons in each one.

Look for the silver linings to avoid dismay.

We fight through uphill battles

And long, flat, seemingly-neverending plateaus

To strengthen our enamel

So that next time, we won’t get as rattled.

Reaching the occasional peak feels rewarding.

A chance to see all of our past valleys and troughs

From a high-level perspective, it’s transporting;

With all of the quality lessons we are hoarding.

But we can’t live on that peak forever.

That’d be quite an unrealistic endeavor.

If anything, it’s the valleys that are more conducive

To being together.

Valleys are broader and much more forgiving;

A habitable place for simply living,

While providing more room for just cruising.

Among peers in an environment that is giving.

I’m proud to have learned this lesson

Of peaks, valleys, and troughs

All working hand in hand to create progression.

This is my profession.