Everybody's Hometown

Not all towns in America

Possess as much innate charisma,

As this hidden gem in the Southwestern mountains

Known as Prescott, Arizona.

Rarely acknowledged by outsiders,

The surrounding mountains provide a divider.

Often stumbled upon by bikers and joyriders,

It’s an absolute paradise for hikers.

One of the first cities founded in the state,

Attracted tribes, miners, and settlers to create

A town comprised of many traits

That, over time, made it inarguably great.

I had the joy of living briefly in this wondrous place

Even though I had to move away with haste.

It wasn’t the most ideal series of events,

But I’ll never forget what the town represents.

It’s sort of Everybody’s Hometown.

No matter where it’s habitants come from,

The small-town charm truly offers

Something for everyone.

The world’s oldest rodeo is simply, hands down,

The most communal gathering around.

Everything is within walking distance,

Which is certainly not a letdown.

And if you’re a fan of brews of all kinds,

Whiskey Row can be found on a plethora of signs.

Or maybe you’d prefer some nice wine…

In that case, it's not hard to find.

I loved learning about the music scene there.

Missing Acker Night was just too much to bear.

One thing to note is that an endless carousel of events

Keep everyone in the town connected and present.

Some aspects pay homage to Jamestown,

While others remind me of a ghost town.

There’s a part of me that wishes I never broke down,

How could I leave such a lively hoedown?

At least I know it’ll always be there

Whether it be for a weekend road trip 

Or to escape for some fresh air.

Halloween time was my favorite in the square.

If you ever have the pleasure to visit

This truly underrated treasure,

Try to during the summer weather,

To achieve maximum pleasure.

Containing so many different walks of life,

People with unique backgrounds,

And a surprisingly available nightlife,

Prescott and its flavors always astound.

Oh, and you can’t forget to check out the wildlife.

Everything from deer and birds,

To Javalina wandering around in herds.

As for the bears, refrain from having words.

You can’t go wrong with a town like this.

There’s a real sense of community and bliss.

It feels so distinct from cities that just miss

Or ones so chaotic they feel like an empty abyss.

It isn’t buildings or money 

That imbue it with character.

Good hospitality and natural beauty

Make it impossible to be a disparager.

I was open-minded when I moved there.

I looked past the primarily elderly population

and embraced as much as I could,

I swear.

I wish all cities in America looked like this

But, unfortunately, a good majority

Of them are in complete and utter crisis.

Probably because communities have been careless.

I don’t want that to happen to Prescott.

Not now, not ever.

“Arizona will never become California”:

Was what I once thought… I wasn’t clever.

Now, I know that anything is possible.

The endless stream of people moving to this state just isn’t stoppable.

Therefore, Prescott's staying discrete is optimal.

I hope moving back there will continue to be optional.

I’ve discovered a newfound appreciation

For wholesome towns still thriving in this nation.

I’m so grateful for the entire duration

Of which I experienced much-needed liberation.

Cheers to you, Prescott.