Infinity Boxes

Your haunting alarm sounds off with the sunrise.

You stretch, toss and turn, and attempt to arise

out of bed, you emerge; what’s the first thing you do?

Instantly grab hold of your phone and gaze at what’s new.

This pattern repeats itself day by day.

Although some try to deny, reality prevails anyway.

It is a curious cycle, of which every person now displays;

this daily occurrence is certainly here to stay.

So long as infinity boxes exist within our homes,

we will never go back to a time when we awoke without phones.

Some people use alarms, some don’t at all;

but hey, our devices are not only used to call.

There is beauty in technology, and portability transcends even more.

Do we really need our phones right next to our faces?

Why can’t we just leave them over by the door?

Once the screens illuminate, dopamine rushes in.

Our minds flood with awe, the titillation evokes movement,

and alas, our mindless fingers begin touching infinity:

the limitless abyss of stimuli that feeds on our sanity.

It’s like a mini christmas morning every time we awaken the device.

Contrary presents, the screen’s colorful shapes and words seem to suffice.

After halting the morning alarm, notifications appear present.

No need for an antidepressant, the impetus is much more pleasant.

A saying has become well-known: “the smartphone is a third arm”.

Honestly, it is no joke, if not taken seriously,

our addiction will continue to create harm.

I suppose what’s invigorating is that we can hold infinity;

or maybe that’s just one component...

I think it’s more uncharted territory.

Maybe a time will come where our brain chemistry adjusts.

Until then, hopefully society won’t actually combust.

Currently, we teeter on a thin tightrope of order.

I believe our morale would strengthen if screen time was much shorter.

Infinity boxes are tempting.

They are alluring, productive, and inventing.

They allow us to complete all sorts of tasks,

but erroneously abduct our attention without ask.

It is important to be aware.

At least acknowledging the patterns is fair.

Only then can we beware

of the obvious glare these infinity boxes bear.