The Formula For Resistance

Resistance is a refusal to give in or something that slows down or prevents something from continuing. For example, in physics, resistance typically refers to the amount an object impedes or resists in an electric current. In everyday life, examples of resistance are apparent to us all the time. For instance, when children are introduced to a new set of parenting tactics, they may be resistant. Or, when technology companies launch new technological capabilities that may seem far-fetched, society might not be as accepting of their innovations. In companies, large groups of people often tend to resist changes in their organization and maintain the status quo. Similarly, on a grand scale, let’s say an entire country perhaps - individuals tend to resist change due to wanting to hold onto the security that traditional approaches to life can bring.

Klaus Schwab’s: COVID-19: The Great Reset

I became fascinated by the concept of resistance about a year ago after reading Klaus Schwab’s recent publication, COVID-19: The Great Reset. Throughout the year 2020, the phrase known as “The Great Reset” was tossed around a fair amount; but in 2021, it was amplified. What was once a hands-down conspiracy theory several years ago, then became confirmable with the book’s publication.

What I found peculiar about its time of release was that it was published only a mere four months after the start of the COVID-19 pandemic. Was he really able to write all of that in two months, with enough time for professional editing, printing, distribution, etc.? The contents of the “guide” are undoubtedly multi-dimensional, featuring an alarming amount of reference to the future; therefore, how was he even able to possess such an external perspective of our global economic climate so soon? These are two questions that, among many others, I pondered while delving into Schwab’s ideologies and learning about his work through the World Economic Forum.

Fortunately, in the present-day (December 2021), the WEF has published an abundance of content, all while seemingly refraining from censoring ANY of their ultimate motives whatsoever. In other words, it is all out in the open for us to follow. I challenge anyone reading this to hop on over to the WEF’s website (URL attached below) and attempt to fathom the components of their ideal plan for our global future. I’ll forewarn you: it will not leave you feeling excited, not in the slightest.

Before You Know It

To keep things brief, just know that much of what is occurring, be it the supply chain shortages, future financial collapse, land acquisition, small business destruction, mass vaccination, etc., are ALL aspects of The Great Reset. We will own nothing and be happy :)

The first transition, accompanying a long list of transitions, will be a significant financial reset, hence the coming collapse of virtually all industries. This is to usher in a new era of digital currency that will eventually be tied to each person’s digital ID and vaccination passport. I, for one, am a fan of technological tools that can help make aspects of our lives run more efficiently; however, I am NOT in favor of allowing tech requirements to envelop highly-personal data that has no business being utilized for any rational purpose as is. Especially not if it is to create a new social credit scoring system. As we know from China’s social credit system, citizens are scored on a scale of “trustworthiness” based on a complex combination of personal data, demographic information, online and offline behaviors, and much more. Since when did we start looking to China for moral and economic guidance?

People need to be asking themselves seriously - “Is throwing all of my money into cryptocurrency and NFTs really worth it if it’s leading us closer towards an inescapable global digital currency?” Or, “Is complying with the COVID-19 vaccine, just because I want to go to a concert, really worth it if that’s a key metric the globalists are using to identify and isolate the resistance?” The word “metrics” can be found all over the WEF’s site. They use big words while speaking in a tone of hopefulness and inclusion to hide the inevitable darkness that their plan will ensue. For example, the 2030 agenda publicly contains a breakdown called “the five pillars of sustainable development: people, planet, prosperity, peace, and partnerships.” At first glance, this wording seems like it’s of good intention; however, they fail to mention all of the restrictive, freedom-removing, and dehumanizing efforts that will be involved in order to get us there eventually. By rerouting our attention to false promises of “sustainability,” “human empowerment,” and “climate health,” global institutions such as the World Economic Forum, the United Nations, and globalist governments will continue working on The Great Reset initiatives right under our noses.

One of the most significant sets of realizations I’ve come to in the past year is that I have a tough time trusting anyone, no matter how trustworthy they may present themselves to the public, who believe they are self-actualized enough to govern other people. I attribute my possession of skepticism to a multitude of things; here are a few:

  1. The corruptness of deep-state government leaders.
  2. The fact that pretty much every single conspiracy theory that used to get made fun of has now actually happened.
  3. The verifiable evidence from our global history reveals how reducing or removing freedom has always resulted in more chaos.

Some other expressions you may have come across at some point in the past year include: “the 2030 agenda”, “own nothing, and you will be happy,” “transhuman future,” and “the new world order.” All of these identifiers have been expressed to the world on a public platform, both formally and informally, and are directly correlated to “The Great Reset” plan.

The Powers That Be

Similar to the morality of humans, the nature of resistance can be tied to both good and evil simultaneously. Interestingly, though, we have an analogous relationship with resistance - in which it cannot be created without our judgment and emotion. In this context, resistance is not only an observation made through math, physics, and electric currents; although, that definition is correct. But, conversely, resistance can also be understood as an invisible emergence of human response.

I think that our inclination towards creating resistance began at the fall of man. Ever since day one, with the presence of evil having entered the equation, we have maintained a tendency towards resistance; it has never left us. More often than not, we find it easier to wrap our heads around resisting evil than the perception of resisting good. The process of resisting good manifests in ways that are hard to interpret within ourselves, especially if it’s uncharted territory. For example, many people often resist the intrinsic goods of taking proper care of themselves, avoiding procrastination, and serving others. We often find ourselves resisting change, even good change, because we quickly begin fearing the unknown. I believe it’s essential for us to look inwards and always examine the aspects of our reality we may be resisting, be it good or evil, and organize our lives accordingly.

Granted, the powers that be are constantly establishing authorities and placing them upon the bulk of society. Often, these establishments can instill a sense of powerlessness within those who do not desire to rule over others. I suppose this is just an unavoidable caveat that comes with any government system.

I believe that the most fool-proof governmental system is a democratic republic, which can be found in the United States. While often categorized as a democracy, America is more accurately defined as a constitutional federal republic. A “republic” is a form of government in which the people hold power, but elected representatives are the ones who exercise that power. Maybe one day, human beings could attain a near-perfect level of order, through means of freedom and truth, which could expunge the need for hierarchical government systems. But, given the current direction we are headed, we are moving further from that possibility, not closer.

Some Star Wars Parallels

I’ve recently realized how alike the plot of Star Wars and present-day Earth are. I know Star Wars is such an overused reference, but it fits perfectly into many contexts. Aside from the fact the “good guys” are known as the “resistance” in the story, the dichotomy in the plot separates fundamental differences between those who fight for freedom and those who fight for power. In a way, I wish present-day Earth possessed an obvious dichotomy such as this. Maybe that would help people differentiate between the “good guys” and “bad guys” more easily.

The plot in Star Wars may seem as though it mirrors similar storylines already exemplified in other stories, but I disagree a bit. Instead, I think Star Wars is a pinnacle fictional story featuring the themes of betrayal, family, and resistance. And, the genius of George Lucas is that he titled the resistance - “the resistance”... so fitting.

With that being said, let me layout - from my own vantage point - a few parallels between the Star Wars “universe” and Earth’s politics today:

  1. The Swamp:

Similar to the Galactic Empire, which can never be entirely defeated, the “swamp” in Washington D.C. seems to rebuild itself over and over again after every setback - and it comes back stronger, more powerful, and much more dedicated.

  1. Large Government Projects:

Just like the construction of the Death Star, Earth is always working on big-budget projects that often end in disaster.

  1. Oppressive Regimes:

We know that the U.S. 1st Amendment is vital - and is currently being threatened more than ever before. In Star Wars, the Galactic Empire is always trying to consolidate power by ostracizing religion and outlawing the freedom to pursue any set of messaging that opposes theirs.

  1. Confiscating Your Weapons:

It is a telltale sign of dictatorships - both on Earth and “in a galaxy far, far, away”: they will always try to confiscate your weapons. Earth’s history is teeming with dictatorships like the Nazis, Communists, Stalinists, etc. - who ALL banned civilians from owning weapons.

  1. The Rise of “Fake News”:

Obi-Wan Kenobi predicted the increase of “fake news” in the galaxy when he stated to Skywalker - “Luke, you are going to find that many truths we cling to depend greatly on your own point of view.”

  1. Working with Unsavory Folks for the Greater Good:

Remember when Han Solo had to smuggle goods for the notorious Jabba the Hutt, and when Anakin ended up pod-racing for him… neither predicament was ideal for the “good guys.” But, unfortunately, sometimes we must make alliances with unsavory folks to help push our causes further along.

  1. The Utmost Threat to Freedom:

What exists today is an unparalleled level of government surveillance - but it’s only been possible by free people voluntarily giving up their freedom by choice. In the Star Wars prequels, a similar timeline of events occurred - where citizens willingly surrendered their freedoms after having been advertised enough incentives to do so. But before their very eyes, the Galactic Government had accrued enough power to become a dictatorship, and by then, it was too late.

The Formula For Resistance

For whatever reason, an image that always comes to mind when I think of resistance is that of a traditional brick wall. At its core, a solo brick is incredibly strong even on its own; but when paired and aligned with other strong bricks, it’s nearly impenetrable. I’m certainly not a physicist, so I won’t try to get technical with the formula for resistance. Besides, as stated in this angle, resistance is not just a mathematical expression; it is a movement, a catalyst for future actions, and a way of responding to authoritarian measures.

Nobody can ever assuredly know what the near future will hold. I believe it’s important not to obsess over trying to verify anything either. By obsessing and trying to control outcomes, people can become consumed by fear, greed, and acclaim, which are all problematic. Instead, by focusing on remaining as strong bricks, someone will eventually come along and stack us all together. Or, maybe, we’ve already been pieced together, and we don’t even know it.

I will continue vetting the globalist agendas of “The Great Reset” and “2030 plan” with acute skepticism, and I encourage anyone reading this to do the same. Dispensing a small portion of our time and energy towards contemplating the future is an ability everyone has. There is nothing admirable or praiseworthy about trading in our freedoms in the present for simple conveniences that don’t matter at all in the big picture - which is particularly selfish and will result in a laundry list of consequences that future generations will have to deal with. So, I propose we stop allowing the hole to be dug deeper and for the resistance to reclaim its exaltation of freedom so that our children and their children can thrive in a less power-ridden world.