Yellow Table Revamp

This yellow table has has grown up with me. Originally wood-worked from scratch by my Dad, painted by my mom, and the butterflies stamped by 6-year-old me, nearly two decades of passed-time weathered the full set quite a bit. Thanks to the lockdown back in April of 2020, I had some extra free time to fully repaint the table, touch-up the image details, and seal it to perfection. In a way, revamping this table was a sort of rebirth; coinciding with the culture shift that came about due to COVID-19. As a kid, I used this table for everything: all of my art projects, school work, pretend meetings with friends, gaming sessions, and more. What's cute is that, even when I was super young, I always knew how wholesome it was that my parents combined their forces and made the table for me. There is something so special about building a set like this from scratch. And I've grown to love the small imperfections, as they are indicators of handmade craft. Right before repainting and revamping the table, the yellow color appeared dull and was covered in usage marks. I've never been a hoarder, nor one who has a hard time letting go of nostalgic items; however, arriving at the point of having to paint over the visible marks of my childhood proved more difficult than I had imagined. But, alas, I was able to let go and restore the table's vibrant glow. Hopefully, one day, I will pass the set onto my kids with the same intention that my parents had: to cultivate curiosity, artistry, interactivity, and a hands-on work ethic. Something ironic, given that my last name is Craft, is that this table housed many of my most influential "crafts", ultimately pushing me further towards becoming a hopefully-competent person. All-in-all, the decision to put life back into the table, since it had been vacant for virtually all of my teenage years, was a no-brainer. And I am thrilled with how it turned out!
April 2020

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